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The settlement went well, and we enjoyed working with our processor for the evening. I’d recommend Elite to anyone. – Jack
Thanks for all you do for us as well!  You have a great team! – Jamie

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all of your help yesterday.  You went above and beyond what most people would do and it really was awesome of you to call fairfax county, do a three- way call with Penny Mac and to spend the amount of time that you did, trying to help me get it all straightened out.   It gets so frustrating as a customer to always deal with automated call systems and days with no returned calls, but I have always found it very easy to reach you, and when I did, you helped me more than what I was expecting, and I think that is pretty great.  Again, a million thanks. – Kimi

You guys are so good over there! – Joiya

You do good work! – Trish

Thank you for handling the settlement smoothly and effectively. – Chirag

You are all awesome! – Grace
Thank you all again for our two quick and smooth settlements on Friday!  As I was saying to our settlement agent, you all are the best, and she agreed.  You're thorough and provide excellent service - never any unpleasant surprises.  Four settlements and counting ... as long as you're in business, we're coming to you, whether you want us or not, ha.  Continued success to you!  - Janet
Just wanted to take a minute to pass along my thoughts on the young man that assisted with my refinance closing.  What an absolutely outstanding individual you have working for you; I hope you do realize it and hope you do let him know it as well.  He was prompt, courteous, knowledgeable, friendly, and went above and beyond in the accomplishment of his duties.  It was a pleasure to work with him during this endeavor.  He  is the type of person I want working for me, and has the attitude, aptitude, and personality to succeed in anything he does.  Being a senior leader in a large organization myself, I know how valuable those traits are in an employee and wish I had him working for us.  So, thank you and please thank him.  You are lucky to have him representing your company.  - Jeff
Elite settlements did a fine job, and their representative was knowledgeable, professional and well informed about the mortgage process - Rob
Once again, I am very happy with the service I received from your company.  Everyone that I've emailed or spoken to on the phone has always been helpful and very responsive. - Joanna
Great job today as always!  Love working with you guys – Patrick
The attendees were very pleased with the seminar and the quality of information that all of you provided.  Thanks for your support to LEDC’s mission which is drive the economic and social advancement of the low-to-moderate income Latinos and other DC metropolitan area residents by equipping them with the skills and tools to achieve financial independence and become leaders in their communities. – Walda
Thank you for all your hard work and late nights. Just so you know I submitted the file at 2 am so your 1:30 am work didn't go unnoticed. - Levon
My agent involved in the purchase was pleased with the service you guys provided. – Jose
Emilio, I just want to extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation to Manny, Melissa and yourself  for the overall experience of working with your company. First off, I believe it was you who assisted me in getting some money taken off the title insurance costs.  A needed savings and my first indication that I was working with a company who was truly interested in trying to help their clients.  Secondly, Melissa was great about scheduling the closing quickly and showing up early even at my home which was extremely convenient for me and saved me from having to take off work.  She also had all the signed documents scanned over to me in a few hours.  She was a pleasure.  As for Manny, Wow!  He went above and beyond what most employees would do to help an average client.   Manny displayed true altruism by offering to call the lender with me and argue his point until someone finally listened.    He expressed his argument in a professional, intelligent and convincing manner and he did not take no for an answer.   He should go to law school!  I honestly can say that I would be happy to refer your company.  Thank you all and please keep up the good work.  It’s how you help make the world a better place. J Warm Regards,  - Sandra
Thank you very much for your help. You really gave very good assistance. I really appreciate it. Thanks!!! - Xiaoyan  
Thank you. It was great to meet you and we appreciate your professionalism, diligence and demeanor.  We will definitely recommend this team for any mortgage work to friends/family. - Scott
Thank you, very pleased with the efficiency of your group. – Carlos
Thank you once again for all of your assistance.  We really appreciate you taking the time to accurately explain the financials using lay-person terminology.  We are very happy to recommend Elites' services to our friends.  – Andrew
Thank you very much for sending this and for being so clear yesterday explaining everything and answering all our questions. We really appreciated it. – Denisse
You are all awesome over there at Elite. – Dawn
I was very impressed by your professionalism, efficiency &courtesy. – Vittal
Thanks for the information on owner's title insurance. I enjoyed our meeting with you and appreciate the work you did on our behalf, and in your explanations of the settlement questions.  I have written to our morrgage representative and told her of our satisfaction with your work and that of Elite. – Al
I have personally watched and sat in on your settlements and I truly believe you were a saint with our customer.  I commend you for your efforts and your communication back to us. You are true professional and I look forward to working with you and Elite Settlements in the future.  - Richard
Your crew there always take the time out to make me feel special.  Thank you so much for your hard work and everyone's hard work at Elite that made this settlement possible. It's very rare that a title company goes above and beyond as far as their level of service and staying late to accomodate us and answering every single question we had whether big or small.  It is greatly appreciated and will certainly be remembered for all transactions in the future. This settlement wasn't easy but hopefully those in the future will be.  – Regina
Thank you so much. You guys are good!! - German
I must tell you, you are the greatest. Just when I think that you couldn't impress me anymore, you keep on doing it. – Patrick
I will be going with Elite Settlements because of your quote and your professionalism. – Peggy
You guys are great to work with! – Kay
Compliments to your professionalism: on time, organized, friendly, courteous, efficient. – PJ
Once again, allow me to thank you for the attention to detail demonstrated by your settlement company throughout the process. – Cherie
GEEEZZZ, that was fast!!!!   Thanks so much .   Wish they were all that easy ! – Wendy
I received the check yesterday evening. Thank you for making this complicated procedure easy and pleasant. – Roop
I would like to thank you and your office for the very professional, careful way in which you handled this matter. – Julia
I have to tell you that no question that I will recommend your organization whenever I have the opportunity. Your level of responsiveness and customer service is exceptional. I was a little worry that I was not going to get a timely response. I am very impressed and I feel that you really value me as a client.  Thank you! – Sal
It was a pleasure meeting you.  We both very much appreciated your respectful demeanor, patience and professional expertise, and wish you the best of luck in your future. - Tom
I wanted to extend my gratitude to everyone for all the help (and patience) throughout the entire refinance process....it is how you do your job that will always be a critical factor in the decision calculus for potential clients, especially in such a competitive industry. – Mauricio
I would like to thank you for your time and explanation last Friday. You have provided an outstanding service. – Diego
I would like to thank you for meeting me at my house and making the closing process very easy. – Sergio
Thanks again for your fast responses on all of the inquiries and quote requests, etc. I've been very happy with the few that we've sent over so far. – Sweth
Just wanted to tell you that I appreciate you staying late last night and working on the closing docs/hud. – Brett
You guys are so fast--LOVE IT.  I feel like we're a full time job for you guys with all our requests/title work/subordinations, etc.  But no one can handle it like you all can--we are so appreciative of all you do!! The Elite team is always going out of their way to do an extraordinary job!   – Ashley
Thanks for the update and your persistence on this item.  You've gone above and beyond the call of duty. – Peter
The clients spoke very highly of all of you. That is huge. Thank you for handling them so well. You don't know how much I appreciate this. - Levon
You guys are like the post service.  Rain, snow or power outage can not stop you guys.  You are the ELITE!! – Juan
The process was very easy and painless. – Sunit
Thank you for the quick turn around and very helpful information. I enjoyed working with you too from the beginning! – Lily
Thanks for the quick turnaround. – Joseph
Thanks for working extra hours to make this  happen and give yourself credit for being the person who made our refi possible. – Marilyn
I can't say enough thanks to you. I will surely call you and recommend you for the next closing. Great job! - Yousef

Excellent work today - well prepared and very professional.  I appreciated you being able to close this loan at my lender's office. Best regards - Kevin and Pamela

Thank you so much for all your help. You guys were amazing and made my experience a pleasant one! Thanks again, Lenny!

Many thanks to you and Melissa for your efforts - I am very pleased with the quality of the service you have provided, and I would definitely recommend Elite Settlements to anyone! -Regards, Alastair

Thank you for taking such good care of our borrowers! Love you guys! - Pt and Judy

It was great closing today with you. Thanks for taking the time to explain all of the documents. -Jerry

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